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Workshop Details:

Topic: A Risk-based Approach to Improving ICS Cybersecurity and Resilience

Schedule: Day 2 - from 11:15 am to 12:00 pm

Facilitated By:

Joel Langill

Industrial Cyber Security Expert

RedHat Cyber


Many people understand the concepts of a "blended" attack - and especially after the recent events against the electric distribution infrastructure in the Ukraine, are now aware of the potential for extreme consequences should an adversary succeed.  At the same time, many government agencies around the world - working closely with industry partners – are developed frameworks, best practices, or regulations for reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure.  The problem remains that many do not know how to take these practices and apply it to a real-world architecture with the goal of reducing not only risk, but improving resiliency of the underlying industrial architecture in a world where no two systems are alike nor is the underlying risk tolerance of the organization.

This interactive session will take a look at a blended attack, much like that used in the Ukraine.  This same attack scenario has been presented to audiences around the world, demonstrating a credible and accurate platform upon which many organizations have been victims of an attack.  In a fun and educational setting, the presenter will interact with the participants to walk through each of the assets included as part of the overall attack and apply a basic cybersecurity framework showing the importance of a robust security architecture.  The session will reinforce the importance of a risk-based approach to cyber security, and how to create a secure and resilient ICS architecture despite common challenges like vulnerable protocols, unpatched assets and sophisticated actors.