3rd KIACS 2017


KNPC and EQUATE welcome you to the 3rd KIACS Cyber Security Conference, 14-15 March 2017 at The Hilton Kuwait Resort

 About the Conference:

 Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) & EQUATE petrochemical Company are jointly hosting the 3rd edition of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security Conference – KIACS 2017 (Kuwait Industrial Automation and Control System). The conference aims to bring together the  experts from Oil & Gas, Technology &  numerous other industries to address critical concerns and trends with regard to the development of Cyber Security threats and cyber crisis in Industrial Control Systems.

 The event is hosted under the patronage and presence of H.E. Isam Al Marzouq Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity & Water to the State of Kuwait, and is scheduled on 14th and 15th of March 2017 at The Hilton Resort Kuwait.  This conference will have technical sessions and workshops that focus on the following main themes: 

  • Cyber Security in Process Safety
  • Evolution of Cyber Security & Technological Innovations
  • Security Operation Center
  • Looming Cyber Security threats for ICS

Detail on the KIACS 2017 Technical Themes

1.      Cyber Security in Process Safety: 

Majority of current process plants are controlled and operated by automation systems which are vulnerable to cyber security threats. If a malicious code compromises a safety instrumented system, it could result in the loss of layers of protection. Traditional hazard and operability studies (HAZOPs) and layer of protection analysis (LOPAs) do not consider cyber security threats. KIACS-2017 presents a series of papers under this theme, addressing the growing concern of correlation between Cyber Security and Process Safety.

2.       Evolution of Cyber Security & Technological Innovations  :

 State of Kuwait’s – industries, government departments and individuals – are all embracing the many advantages that cyberspace offers, and our economy and quality of life is getting better with it. However, our increasing reliance on cyber technologies makes us more vulnerable to cyber threats. KIACS-2017 presents a series of papers under this theme addressing current trends in technologies which promise assurance of reliable functioning of critical infrastructure.

3.      Security Operations Center:

 The threat landscape is complex and so is the existing legacy IT and OT infrastructure. Having the finest security technology is not going to help unless round the clock monitoring and analysis is carried out to detect and block frauds and cyber-attacks through an organized Security Operations Center (SOC). Under this theme, KIACS-2017 presents a new strategies on fraud prevention services, handling shutting down malicious, layering protections and many more. 

4.      Looming Cybersecurity threats for ICS:

 Distribution Control Systems (DCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) in most industrial environments, comprise not only the common IT infrastructure like Windows-based computers and network appliances (switches, routers and firewalls), but also embedded "proprietary" equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), remote terminal units (RTU), intelligent electrical device (IED), basic process controllers (BPCS, safety instrumented systems (SIS), operator panels, and ancillary systems that are the basis of most integrated ICS architectures. ICS is therefore more vulnerable than the IT systems. Under this theme, KIACS-2017 presents the cyber security challenges that loom over ICS.