2nd KIACS 2015

KNPC welcomes you to the 2nd KIACS Cyber Security Conference, 21-22 March 2017 at The Regency Hotel Kuwait

About the Conference:

 Kuwait’s 2nd Industrial Automation and Control System Cyber Security Conference (KIACS) 2015 is Sponsored and hosted by Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). The conference aims to bring together the experts from oil and gas and numerous other industries to address critical concerns and trends with regard to the development of cyber security threats and cyber crisis in Industrial Control Systems (ICS). The increasing sophistication and complexity involved in cyber-attacks and those specifically levied against critical infrastructure of oil and gas industry necessitate a progressive approach in their detection and ultimate eradication.

The 2nd Industrial Automation and Control System Cyber Security Conference (KIACS) 2015 focuses on the following three main technical themes:

  • Cyber Security Standards
  • Human Factor Dynamics in Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Best Practices Implemented in Operational Technologies (OTs)

 Detail on the KIACS 2015 Technical Themes

1. Cyber Security Standards

State of Kuwait’s – industries, government and individuals – are embracing the many advantages that cyberspace offers, and our economy and quality of life are the better for it. However, our increasing reliance on cyber technologies makes us more vulnerable to those who attack our digital infrastructure to undermine our security, economic prosperity, and the way of life. Therefore, Kuwait 2nd KIACS 2015 conference has includes a distinct theme topic as “Cyber Security Standards”.

Recent years have witnessed that numerous Cyber Security standards are being created in order to enable organizations to implement and practice safe security techniques to eradicate cyber-attacks.KIACS 2015 will focus on internationally accepted Cyber Security Standards implemented in numerous organizations in the domain of Industrial Automation & Control Systems.

2. Human Factor Dynamics in Cyber Security

Cyber Security challenges can never be addressed in isolation without taking into consideration the Human Factor Dynamics. Further, the cyber security threats and risks are growing with increasing sophistication, complexity and networking of modern Industrial Automation & Control Systems. Cyber Security is largely a game between “bad guys”, who aim to exploit our assets, and “good guys” who aim to protect them.

Latest high profile security breaches have taught us that the People are the soft underbelly of our critical information systems and infrastructure. They design, implement and operate them. They manage the physical and logical access to our systems and data. In doing so they create technical vulnerabilities, mistakes, incidents and weaknesses that, enable criminals to hack, steal, corrupt and manipulate our intellectual assets. Despite the fact that Human Factor in Cyber Security has been widely discussed but the role and importance of people in information security has been consistently undermined. Therefore, proper awareness and allocation of human resources is the key to achieve the required level of cyber security.  Kuwait 2nd Industrial Automation And Control System Cyber Security Conference (KIACS) 2015 will be presenting technical papers from security professionals, researches and practitioners to address weaknesses of Human Factor Dynamics in Cyber Security in order to emphasize its significance, the recognition it deserves and ways along-with out of the box ideas to empower people in Cyber Security.

3. Cyber Security Best Practices Implemented in Operational Technologies (OTs)

Enterprises are continuously evolving into more dynamic and complex business environments. Businesses need extreme security measures to combat extreme threats. The national and economic security of the State of Kuwait is depends upon the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure for its business enterprises. Cybersecurity threats exploit the increased complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems, placing the security, economy, and public safety at risk. KIACS 2015 has invited Speakers to present and share Cyber Security Best Practices Implemented in Operational Technologies and lessons learned on how to secure Industrial Automation & Control Systems. The objective is to learn and understand the best practices implemented in the area of Industrial Automation and educate to prepare for a safe, secure, and reliable use of Ooperational Technologies employs security monitors, measures and protect industrial automation, industrial process control, and related systems.